I have over 20 years of gold buying experience and will always treat you right. If you have any questions about gold please give me a call.  Here are a few things you should never do. 
Don't Mail your Gold to some unknown company and hope they mail you a check.

Don't meet some stranger in a parking lot somewhere.

Don't sell your gold to some company that sets up in a local hotel.

 The best thing you can do is Deal with a local etablished company like A&M Pawn.

List of what we buy.

Anything Gold. Any Karet in any condition. 

Necklaces, Rings, Bracelets, Cufflinks, Pendents, Brooches,

Class Rings, Wedding Bands, Charms, Dental Gold, Bars, Coins.

We also Buy Platinum, Silver, Diamonds and middle to high end watches.